Just Another Year

By Tabitha Shay

When I think back how this year started and where it has ended or nearly ended, I have to admit it’s been a very unique year for me and my family. I’ll start with January, the beginning of what promised to be a year of minor accomplishments for me and a very uneventful one for my family.

Oh, boy, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I was preparing, like most of us who are members of the OWFI, for the conference and contests taking place in May. Along with trying to get my entries ready, I was a volunteer chairperson. I was busy.

I’d also just learned I was going to be a grandmother for the seventh time.This joyous news was given to me by my daughter, who, by the way, was knocking on the door of forty. Her baby had just turned nine and I thought, ‘Wow, I wouldn’t want to become a new mom at that age.’ Of course, we were excited. This was the first grandbaby in at least nine years, so we prepared to welcome this new addition who would arrive in August. Yep, we had the entire year ahead of us to plan baby showers and doctor visits.

But I kept right on chugging along, working on my contest entries and writing.Nothing was going to slow down my writing, or so I thought.January flew by and before I knew it, May was here. Conference time. Baby is growing.

My daughter is now almost six months along and of course, she’s having a miserable pregnancy. But we won’t discuss how many times she was rushed to the hospital or how many times she came close to losing the baby. I kept telling myself, ‘Good thing this is the last grandbaby, because my nerves can’t handle a repeat or anymore excitement.’

Oh, yeah, I attended the OWFI Conference that lovely first weekend of May and to round out what had now become an exciting beginning for the year, my entry took first place. Yea!!!Oh, wow, I was knee-deep in shock, up to my armpits in excitement, over my head with disbelief. I wanted to shout it to the world, “I won! I won!” I couldn’t speak, let alone shout my news.I brought my exciting news home, but since there are no other authors in the family, no one was terribly impressed with my accomplishment.

Okay, so I’ll just concentrate on this new baby due to make its appearance in three months.It was somewhere about this time that my son and his wife made their startling announcement. “Mom, we’re going to have a baby!”

‘Oh, but, no’, I thought. ‘You can’t do this to me, not two grandbabies in one year, only a few months apart.’ Oh, but they could. The baby was due in December.

So okay, we’ll have two new grandbabies…I can handle that, along with the news that my first novel has just been accepted for publication.Mixed blessings. Another new baby, a book contract. I’m so numb I not only can’t speak, I can’t eat, drink or be merry. I’m a real author! Yes! Yes! Yes!I’m going to be a grandma times two this year!

Then . . . the BOMBSHELL!!!

My son and daughter-in-law have just returned from her first ultrasound with pictures. Oh, how cute.

“Mom, take a look at your grandbaby.”

I’m looking.

Next picture. “Mom, take a look at your grandbaby.”

I’m looking.

Next picture. “Mom, take a look at your grand . . . babies.”

I can’t breathe. I can’t speak, swallow, drink, or be merry . . . ever again.


Yep. Twins. Boys. My first grandsons, because I’ve been blessed with all granddaughters so far and now I get two little boys for the price of one. Yea!!!

Of course, this is much more exciting than learning my third book has just been accepted for publishing. Who cared about that? Hey, we’re not having just one baby in the family this year, we’re having three.So August came and went, and with its passing, my sweet baby granddaughter, Jadee, arrived right on schedule with tons of black hair, a regular little heart stealer.

September saw the release of my first book, but nothing could compare to that little bundle of joy that has a little bit of me in her looks and her mama’s temper.So now, we near the end of my woeful tale and this amazing year. Twins. These little boys will arrive on our door-step, Friday, the 30th of Nov. Is that today?Tomorrow? I don’t know. I’m too excited to think, too tickled to speak. And we’ll all be merry when we see those darling babies for the first time, because after all, ‘Tis the season for happiness and joy and what brings more joy or happiness than a new baby? Unless it’s two new babies at once? Who could ask for a better Christmas present from God?

And to end the year right, my oldest granddaughter just informed me she’s going to have a baby. Oh, golly gee, I can barely handle being a grandmother and now, and now . . . I’m going to be a great-grandmother?!!!!

The only sweet revenge I get out of this is knowing as I become a great-grandmother for the first time, my daughter becomes a grandma, for the first time.

Oh, joy. My daughter just asked her daughter if she’d like for her to become pregnant again just so they can have babies at nearly the same time. Yes, insanity runs in my family.

I wonder what my mom will say when she finds out she’s going to be a great, great grandma?

Merry Christmas everyone and may your new year be blessed with the richness of love and joy…and dare I say it??? Babies….Tabitha Shay/AKA Connie


6 thoughts on “Just Another Year

  1. Wow, Connie! I got goosebumps all over reading this story. How lovely! And how fantastic! Twin Boys!!! You are very blessed; what a grand year! Can’t top that, plus being published! I laughed when I saw how nobody was particularly excited about your first place win. I know how that is. Us writers are strange creatures. lol

    P. S. You must report to us how the delivery went today. I am praying for healthy twins and a glowing mom!

  2. I talked to Connie last night, and all is well with babies and Mom. Can you imagine 6 lb.+ twins??? Yikes! My boys each weighed that…one at a time!

    Connie, I loved the story of your year. It has been a good one for you and your family, and you deserve all the happiness you’re enjoying. From my first read of your WITCH’S BREW ms., I knew it would be published and your writing career would be on its way. Was I right or what??? Here’s hoping and wishing 2008 is every bit as fantastic. –Paula

  3. Thanks Paula and Glo,
    And yes, Paula, you did say from the beginning WB would be published. You were right and it has been a great year and looks promising for the next year with two more releases in the works. The twins weighed 6lbs. 14 oz and 6lbs. 7oz.
    As Paula said, both mom and dad are doing great and grandma and papa are smiling from ear to ear. Now on to the great gran in 2008…Connie/Tabitha

  4. Connie, I don’t think I’d call this year for you “just” another year. lol

    Sounds like a bang-up fantasmagorical one. *s*

    I have twin neices who will be 2 in March. You’ve never seen cuter little girls (and I’m not biased at all ;) ).

  5. I so identified with your reaction to your nearly 40-year-old daughter’s news. But congrats, and enjoy all the challenges the new year will bring!

  6. Thanks to everyone for their comments. All the new grand babies are doing fine, well, except for Jadee, my daughter’s new baby girl, me thinks the little one has the three day measle…haven’t really seen this since all mine own were little ones, but it looks very suspicious….and yes, this year is promising to be just as exciting as the last one…I have 4 books coming out in 08, I’m so excited about that…well, back to writing….later….Connie

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