Helping Other Authors

By Tabitha Shay
Hi All,
As an author, (now published) I’m frequently surprised to find myself on the receiving end of being asked for help from newer authors than even myself. I feel terrible and guilty that I don’t have the time to help as much as I’d love to. I used to wonder why I didn’t get more help when I asked for it myself. I’d think, but surely they can help me.Wrong!!
I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that writing is a lonely job, hard work and takes determination, and although most of us are willing to help the newbie to some degree, as time allows (got those deadlines ourself now along with edits), we are so swamped ourself, we’re drowning. The best you can hope to do and have the time for is to point out the errors of their way, make some suggestions, tell them the do’s and don’ts that were taught to us and let them write their story their way.
It’s not that I don’t want to help and I think most authors feel the same and I’ll certainly give it my best shot anytime, but there’s that word….TIME….With 4 new books coming out this year and only two of them actually written and one in the final stages of editing, TIME isn’t something I find I have a lot of anymore.That’s not even including interviews, blogging, managing a website, acting as chair person and a judge for the OWFI conference this year, doing my part on launch day at my publisher’s loop and interruptions from friends and family. It’s only right you make time for hubby, children and grandchildren…and, oh,yeah, I’d love a vacation in there somewhere…just time away with no one but hubby and me…For the newbie, all I can say is, once you get there, it’s a hell of a ride and never a dull moment.So sharpen those pens, set the words down to the best of your ability, join a critique group, they can help tremendously, and never let anyone discourage you. Say to yourself and say it frequently, “I am an author.”
See you there!!!…Connie

8 thoughts on “Helping Other Authors

  1. Hey! Thanks for your being so genuine. Congratulations on your success and good luck on meeting the deadlines.

  2. Some good advice! Send them to me. My children’s novel hasn’t made me rich and famous yet so I’m hoping to trade my day job as a technical writer for the role of writing tutor/workshop instructor/online writers’ group moderator. Congratulations on being published–and WOW–4 books coming out this year!! What are the titles and will they be on Amazon or someplace where I can take a look? –kathleen
    (kayoungblog or whytedovepress here on wordpress)

  3. Tabitha, don’t feel bad. Writing is a full time job — just the actually sitting down and writing on the book part — not to mention the promo and marketing. Please start asking those who approach you if they are interested in taking classes from you and others at Web Writing Wonders. We have several published authors in our group. In addition to members teaching, we are going to start having guests come to present and we are going to host the classes. And this wouldn’t be turning them down. Anyone can participate for a small fee, and it will be worth it!

  4. Oh, no reason to apologize! We haven’t actually gotten started yet, and we are going to start on Yahoo Groups. We are working on our line up of classes to offer. Do you want to be on our mailing list to see what we’ll be offering? We’ll charge a small fee, but it will be well worth it. ;)

  5. Oh, Kathleen — stick my foot in my mouth! Sorry! Now I see you are wanting to teach writing workshops, moderate, etc. That sounds wonderful. Good luck on your children’s book and your writing. What is the title of your novel?

  6. In reply to the comments to my recent blog, Thank You,to everyone who responded and for understanding. To wdp,(Kathleen) the titles of my novels coming out this year are Witch’s Heart, due out in Feb. It is Book 2 of the Winslow Witches of Salem, following Witch’s Brew, which was released in Sept. and both novels are released under my pen name,Tabitha Shay. Then in July, In The Arms of Danger, followed by book 2, No Holds Barred in Oct. Both are contemporary western romances and published under my second pen name, Jaydyn Chelcee. Then in Dec., it’s back to the third witch novel with Witch’s Moon. Presently all books are in E-Format and can be purchased at
    Witch’s Brew is due out in print later this year and should be available from Amazon at that time. Thanks for asking.To girl at desk, Thank you and good luck if your writing a novel as well…FYI…You can check out my website at or myspace site at
    Thanks everyone for their response….Tabitha/Connie

  7. hello hello hello!!! i know how you feel… i’m only 14 going 15 at the moment, and i like to write too, like big stories about wild fantasies, action, a world where i can do anything, be anyone! the stories i write, heaps of people ask me if i got others to help me…but it hurts my feelings because they don’t believe in me…visit my page…you’ll see what i mean…:(

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