By Paula Gorgas

We call ourselves Web Writing Wonders, but I wonder if we ever stop to marvel at this amazing talent we all have. The other day, a couple of my friends were talking about writing. “I’ve always wanted to write,” one said, “but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” The other, an avid reader, said, “How does someone put all those words together and make them into a story? It’s all magic to me.”

She thinks it’s magic! Does that make me a magician? Hardly! But it does make me appreciate the wonder of what all of us here do, sometimes easily, more often with great difficulty and angst–at least that’s the way it works for me.

And we enjoy what we do–most of the time. Okay, I admit that sometimes I enjoy having written a whole lot more than the writing process itself. But there are those rare times when inspiration hits and the words flow and the result is…magic!


2 thoughts on “WONDERS & MAGIC

  1. Yes, don’t you just love it when the words flow? But I suppose they wouldn’t flow unless we have those days of struggling to write. The creative process is a strange one, and although we struggle, our minds are working backstage. The ideas struggle in our subconscious minds until . . . wham! The dam has broken and out flows our muse!

  2. You’re right, Gloria–in the day-in-day out of working in a writing career we do have to remember those magical times.

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