Letters We Write By

Acronyms.  We know them, we use them.  Often, we write by them.  Some of these are obvious, but bear with me…

POV – Point of view
ms – Manuscript
SASE – Self-addressed stamped envelope
IRC – International reply coupon
FNASR – First North American Serial Rights
BIC – Bottom in chair
BICHOK – Bottom in chair, hands on keyboard

Let me add a new one.

JHS – Just Hit Send

What is Just Hit Send?

It’s the philosophy I’ve been writing by lately. 

In either September or October, I joined a challenge on the freelance writing board of the Absolute Write Water Cooler.  (There’s another acronym for you: AWWC.)

I started small.  Compared to some of them, my goals are still small.  But I am submitting.  That’s the point.

You could say JHS is a complement to the BICHOK principle.

I mean, really, if I’m going to write it, I might as well send it.  And soon I’ll start getting paying acceptances.


3 thoughts on “Letters We Write By

  1. Very well said….love it….I use so many of these daily, I didn’t even realize how much I cut to just acronyms to save time…how about
    Anymore out there ladies?….Tabs

  2. I figure I didn’t even scratch the tip of the ice berg with the acronyms I included. At the same time, though, I didn’t want to bore everyone with just a list of seemingly unrelated letters witho no point to the madness.

    (Yes, sometimes I have a point. ;))

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